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How To Request Your Banner! Empty How To Request Your Banner!

Post  TK_Otaku on Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:32 pm

To Start, I Generally Make Banners According To Your Name.

If you want your banner to look a certain way, give me some suggestions and I'll see what I can do =)

Banners Cost 3000 Credits So If You Want One, Tell Me Who You Are And I'll Expect To See The Credits Upon Request.

I Will NOT Pre-Make any banners. It is required that you pay first.

All Banners Will Be Made In Order Of Request.

If You Have Bought A Banner Then Remember, Constantly Asking When It'll Be Done Won't Do Anything For You. I Will Send You A Link When It Is Done.

I'm Pretty Good With Time So It Should Be Done Within 2 Days Of Your Purchase But This Is Also Depending On Where In The List You Are.

All Proceeds Will Go To Our Prizes For Our Contests And Tournaments!

So Remember, If You Want A Banner, Post Your Ideas In This Forum And Tell Me What You Want. I'll PM You When I'm Ready To Start On Yours And Have You Send Me The Credits Then, Not Sooner! I'll Have It Done Within 2 Days Of Accepting Your Request.

For Those Who Buy: All Of Us At TK Thank You For Your Patronage And Also Thank You For Supporting Our Tournaments And Contests!

If You Think You Might Like To Help Make Banners, Make One For Yourself And Show Me. From There We'll Find Out Weather You're Good Enough To Make Our Customers Happy =)

As An End Note: Thank You For Being A Part Of TK And Helping Out With The Community =)


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