What's There To Announce?!?

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What's There To Announce?!? Empty What's There To Announce?!?

Post  TK_Otaku on Wed Feb 04, 2009 12:29 pm

If That's The Question You're Currently Asking Then This Forum Is Your Answer!

I Know Many People Have No Idea Why We'd Want To Announce Anything But Here's The Main Topics That Will Be Going On =)

Tournaments: We will host up to 2 tournaments per month, all winners will receive credits =)

Changes In The Team: We will announce if there has been changes to the TK staff and such here as well =P

Photo Editing Contests: We will host 1 photo editing contest per month and the winners will receive credits =)

There will be more announcements in the future but for now, this is the basic layout for this forum so look for updates as they come =)


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