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Well, This Sucks. Empty Well, This Sucks.

Post  TK_Otaku on Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:32 am

It seems that Flash Flash Revolution is going down, so we have a few choices.

1: move on to Step Mania and Re-Build the clan there.

2: Give up and get a life.

3: use our *Cough*Legitimately*Cough* obtained version of Flash Flash Revolution and begin to re-post all the songs for it our self on our own site.

4: sue McDonalds for attempting to kills us with their uber tasty food in order to obtain the moneys to get FFR some new servers.

What do you pplz think we should do?

PS. I'm not releasing my and Unreal's ffr client (hacked ffr) because we respect those who went through the trouble of obtaining some "certain" files for us and thus we will not expose our helpers. but that's besides the point. the problem is that FFR, our Anti-Drug, is about to disappear. WTF ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS. if it's all over, well, it was fun. hope you all have good lives, i know i will. though my current life sucks a lot more than before, that's all about to change. I'm building a team that's dedicated to game development, we'll be doing a bunch of stuff for training and hope to break into the iphone app market. so yeah, i'll be living it up, unreal's workin' and gettin' smashed (with me, of course) and right now, it's Christmas break. so yeah, might as well be happy for the future than be sad on what we're losing.

that's all, TK_Otaku out, For the time being anyways.


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