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Post  TK_unreal on Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:43 pm

Before i post this, READ THIS MESSAGE:
-We will not tolerate any cheaters, if we catch you cheating in any way, you will be banned from the site and from TK. We need to see your name with the screen shot so no one can call you a cheater and having to come to this.

Alright, as of now, if you have a VC (very challenging), to an FGO (for masters only) song posted in this forum, we will look at it. IF it is anything lower then that, we wont even pay attention to it, we may say keep it up or good job Smile

That all being said, TK used to be that clan everyone would be all like ''OMGWTFBBQSAUCE...'' but now people just think ''i cant believe your in that TK clan still..''. We, as in the current TK members want this to change, we want this to be how it used to be. All for fun with the seriousness of TK. Every one that wants to join TK needs to be at the least, dedicated and determined.

Some things that will automatically get you in to TK are the following:

-If you have a VC song posted in the forum which has been AAA'ed that isn't good enough, we need to see some FMO's that are at the least SDG'ed (single digit good).

-If you have an FMO AAA'ed, you are most likely to be accepted in to TK. Same goes to FGO's.

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Post  TK_Phynx on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:27 pm

I enjoyed the old passage into TK by proving yourself to TK_hero. Whom which by the way sucks cack at FFR now for the reason that he thinks he's all big and buff and has to do these things in his life and has no time for FFR.... nub. Lol, I vote TK allows for FGO (clean SDG's to AAA) as an entrance requirement but that's just me. I for one have 3 FGO AAA's, Reality and Frictional Nevada, and 1 technical AAA (0-0-1-0) on Ketsarku Mozgalom. So yeah.

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